Do You Have Pigeons In Loft or Shed

Having a shed means that you have space to put additional items that you would not usually place in a home. It also means that you will have to take additional pest control measures. Controlling pests in a shed is not the same as doing so in a home. One of those examples is when you get pigeons in the loft of a shed. It is not that difficult to keep pigeons out of the home especially in areas with a lot of traffic like the living room and the kitchen. The loft in your shed however does not get many people, so pigeons can be there without fear of predators, which in the case of your home it would be you.

So how do you get pigeons in the loft of a shed to leave? Some say, you have to give it a predator, or at least a reason to be afraid. Installing motion sensors is a great way to make the pigeons uncomfortable at night, but they are also in the loft during the day. Decoys only work for a short time so you'll also want to consider items such as shock tracks, needle strips and metal netting to help deter them from setting up residence in your shed. 

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